WHERE IS THE EMPATHY? | Neurotic people feeling misunderstood

People who worry excessively often feel misunderstood, mislabeled and not taken seriously by the people around them. To a sensitive neurotic person the outside world may seem like a scary place filled with monsters. Where is the empathy? Why don’t others feel my pain? Why doesn’t anyone understand me?

These questions may be present in an attempt to explain the apparent lack of emotional connection to others many neurotic people experience. There is a logical reason why you feel this way. Fear acts like a magnifier and a separator. It magnifies every negative detail in your reality and separates you from the real world by convincing you it isn’t safe out there.

Your fear is the missing link that explains why you feel isolated. Your fear is why others don’t understand you – because they cannot feel this fear. In the absence of it, those around you see things in a more rational, calm manner and things do look very different to them.

If you are experiencing life as a neurotic person you may have a though time feeling understood and connected emotionally to people and that is because you are experiencing life through a different lens than other people. Neuroticism can range from mild to severe. The more you let this trait take over your personality the more separation you will experience and the uglier the world will look to you.

That is not to blame neurotic people. They suffer tremendously and all OCD sufferers are neurotic people by default. What I want to tell you is you can change this about yourself if you feel like it’s causing you problems (and chances are it is). Many neurotic people feel like their worrying and anxiety is part of their core personality and they cannot change it, but I am here to tell you that you can change it if you really want to. You would be amazed by the power of repetition and habit. I am not saying it is easy, but it is possible.

By admitting your excessive worrying is causing you suffering you can take steps to tone it down and eventually become a calm, controlled person if you so desire. I will give you the steps you need in order to become less neurotic in a future article, very soon, but please keep in mind you are not alone in the way you feel!


Christiana Mane