What to do if you have an uncommon OCD theme

People who suffer from OCD often have themes that circle along the same subjects and fears but there are exceptions to the rule.
I am going to list a few common OCD themes: Harm OCD, Suicide OCD, HIV OCD, Cancer OCD, Homosexual OCD, Pedophilia OCD, False Memory OCD and the most common one in my experience Spiritual OCD.

There are other common ones..but what to do if you have an uncommon OCD theme?

I made a video on my Youtube channel (name of channel: OCD RECOVERY CHANNEL) adressing this issue.

But the basic idea is that even if you feel like your OCD theme does not fit in a box that you assume it’s supposed to fit in this doesn’t matter that there is anything wrong, or that it is not OCD and it is something else that you are dealing with. That;s not the case.

OCD grabs onto what is valuable and important to you, so it may just happen that your values are a bit different than the rest of the population. You may just get triggered more by some other situations or outcomes. It is still OCD and you already know what we do with OCD: we get rid of it.

Start doing self ERP NOW! You can do it!

Christiana Mane

Your OCD theme is not relevant! 

Your OCD theme is not relevant to your recovery.

Why is that? Because rarely does someone have only one OCD theme, they usually have a main theme and a secondary one or even additional themes on top. Also, OCD theme switch all the time so who keeps track?


You are always going to be scared of something. It’s part of life. The problem is not the fear, it is the reaction you show when faced with it.

This is not to blame you, the sufferer, but to further reinforce the idea that OCD is a faulty thought/behaviour pattern in the face of your worst fears.

So when approaching OCD recovery the theme is barely relevant and what is actually relevant is how you respond to your OCD thoughts. In many instances, especially during the recovery process the main theme becomes secondary, or switches to an entirely different thing.

That’s why I am saying ignore the theme factor. And no, some themes are not more difficult to recover from than others because for each individual their theme is the most scary thing for them, the thing that drives them into complete and utter terror. Reaction is where it’s at and that is where recovery starts- you can do it!

Christiana Mane